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About the Colac Otway Web

The Colac Otway Web has been an ongoing project taking several years to mature to its current state. The content was originally created as part of another website before the Colac Otway Web domain was registered in 2005. The domain and associated ecommerce facility is owned and operated locally by Dolphin Hall Pty. Ltd. The main objective of the online entity is to focus on promoting business in the Colac Otway region of South West Victoria. This site is not associated with the Colac Otway Shire, this online facility is a privately owned independant operation.

Manager: John Powlton
Owner: Dolphin Hall Pty. Ltd.
Location: 181 Main St. Elliminyt, 3250
Contact: (03)5231 2643 OR Email Form

The Colac Otway Web provides a single access point for visitors, holiday makers, tourists, residents, students and business to locate what they are looking for in the Colac Otway region. The diverse range of information provided by the Colac Otway Web includes the most comprehensive Trades and Services Directory for the region with links to the websites of local Goverment Agencies, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Politicians, Local Industry, Clubs, Venues, Tradesman & Service Providers. We also have sections of the site covering all of the townships in the Colac Region, the Otway Ranges and the Great Ocean Road. It is impossible to cover an area as rich and diverse as the Colac Otway region on 1 website, instead of duplicating content our directory links to the most comprehensive regional websites.

Tourists who are planning a trip to the Colac Otway region should visit our Travel Directory to ensure they make the most of their trip to an area that has so much on offer. The Colac Otway Web syndicates information from other websites to deliver the latest News & Sport. For the kids we provide a safe haven Colac Kidz a place where they can learn while they are having fun. To be successful today more than ever requires business operators to adopt new approaches and harness the power of the Internet. Developing a website is a frustrating experience that more often than not results in a failure to some degree, this site has had several during its infancy. The Colac Otway Web is here to ensure local business maximise the benefits from any existing or new investment in Information Technology. Need Help? Contact Us

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