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The resources index is a series of articles with relevant links to help you get online without wasting time and money. The Internet is new territory for most established business owners/operators in rural areas. Colac Otway Web Directory provides tools, information and services to reduce the costs while maximising the benefits for regional business.

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Why we do this? Having operated a rural service business for over 15 years and using my eyes and ears it is obvious the Internet can no longer be ignored. The benefits for rural traders is huge with the potential to sell local produce globally. Business Facts

Qualified Professionals We are qualified professionals in the IT industry with a large stake in promoting the use of technology in all business sectors. Experience in real world business success and the failures along the way combined with recent completion of a University Degree in Computer Science provides the information base to advise others.

Real World Model We present an Internet Marketing model to help real world businesses expand their markets and meet sales targets. We do not offer gimmicks or tricks, we hope to boost your trade without increasing operating costs using technology made possible by the Internet. We do not use techniques that invade the users privacy that are commonly referred to as "Internet marketing". SPAM will always be SPAM.

Email Marketing? Misconceptions, incorrect use of words and misuse of online tools is a major failing of the Internet. Every school kid who can write a good brief is suddenly a marketing guru and the methods employed show the plan was devised in the kindergaten sand pit. As an example look at the term "Email Marketing", and ask yourself how an email becomes marketing when a brochure delivered to your letter box is advertising? Email is clearly a tool that is misused and often it drives customers away. Elliminate SPAM

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