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PHP tutorials by Zend PHP tutorials, written by experts, span a range of topics, and are suitable for beginners to advanced programmers. Beginners.
Writing Libraries in PHP is intended for programmers who are interested in writing reusable code. Experience with PHP4 and knowledge of objects is assumed. The article is primarily for programmers who are new to writing code libraries, but have a good knowledge of programming.
How Not To Use A Template System is to shows PHP's capabilities as a template engine for developers.
Hands on XML will teach you how to parse an XML document using PHP. Using PHP with ODBC is intended for PHP programmers interested in learning more about database connectivity using the ODBC standard. You should be familiar with PHP syntax and SQL.

PHP Turorial part 1 PHP is relatively new (compared to languages such as Perl (CGI) and Java) but is quickly becoming one of the most popular scripting languages on the internet. Learn about PHP at free webmaster help.

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This is a very handy database conversion tool. Use the Microsoft Access GUI for the design phases and then convert the file set to MySQL etc. for the web. This is much easier than working with code from scratch to create an online database. Home - About - Products - Downloads - Forums - Oddities

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