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Computer Security and Researching the Market

Less than 20% of ecommerce projects are a success so some basic research can reval quickly what not to do and provide an insight on how businesses have succeeded using the Internet. Many companies have established themselves as industry leaders with smart use of technology to improve traditional ways of doing business.

Dell is a company to note that used the inherent capabilities of the net to deliver services in a unique way. It is so successful that Dell offer a discount to customers who order online thus minimising the cost to service the order. B2B solutions are becoming common allowing businesses to trade in ways similar to Dell and reduce operational costs.

Outsourcing work to cover a large customer base or to offer services that cannot be provided in-house has never been easier. Setting up affiliations with other companies, sharing distributed services and developing new product lines between a group of contributors can be established easily online with minimal costs.

Reasearching better ways to do business using the Internet is simple using a search engine to locate the top ranked websites. Use full sentences to enter specific criterea for what you are looking for. To elliminate unwanted results like books just add the exclusion to the end of your search term with a minus sign at the start e.g. "austalian electrical contractors -books". This will filter out sites that sell books about electrical contracting.

Security is without doubt the hottest topic in the IT field. No matter how much you know every week a new threat appears posing a new challenge. The Internet itself is becoming a minefield for the unprotected box. Setting up a computer recently I needed to access the Internet to download the windows updates and patch the machine. The computer was hit by malicious software within 20 minutes of being connected.

The biggest problem caused by the invaders was the lack of bandwidth to download the software needed to exterminate the bugs. Firewalls have become a necessity over the past year and the situation is unlikely to change. To stay in touch with how to protect your computer registering to receive an email news service and taking the time to read it is the only way to survive.

On a 56k dial up connection it can take hours to get all of the packages required to patch a windows operating system. Other than changing to Linux the best one can do is keep the firewall turned on (as inconvenient as they are) and log on weekly to your virus protection manufacturers web site and ensure you are always up to date. That goes for Microsoft's patches and security updates, at least this procedure can be automated.

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