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Working With New Technology

Something new that is beneficial becomes available on the Internet everyday amidst dozens of hollow promises. If you traded in shares you take notice of the major players to follow their lead. If a new concept or a Internet service has real potential the uptake by larger business online is widespead after a short gestation period.

Preparing Pictures and Images Correctly will reduce download times for your web pages. A picture file can be reduced by 60-70%. Wilbur Right

One picture can say a thousand words and take 10 times longer to download than a page of text. If your page takes a long time to download you risk losing site visitors before the home page has even loaded in their browser. Plain text take longer to deliver the message to readers so a compromise is needed. By adjusting images to the size they are displayed on the web page the file becomes much smaller.

The Basics Tutorial                  GIMP Quickies                  Straight Line Tutorial

You can also use tools like the Gimp or Microsoft image composer to further compress the file. A lower quality image can be saved in a smaller file and considerably reduce the time to download a page with several images. We have included links to some Gimp tutorials because it is free, it works well and similar techniques can be used with any decent image editor.

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