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There are hundreds of useful tools to submit to search engines, check your page rank and check for broken links. The links and tools below are what we use to maintain this website and they have proven capabilities. They have been selected from all of the free tools that we have located and tested not because they are the best, one link checker is as good as another if they work, but because they have unique features that minimise work by doing multiple tasks. They are also very easy to set up and operate.

Tools come in many varieties and the Internet is often ignored by businesses that operate in the real world. Like all tools the Internet has many unique features that cannot be provided by other means as efficiently or effectively. It is the lowest cost of any mass media available with the potential to reach millions of consumers world wide.

Conforming to standards and learning from the errors made by others is essential to get the benefits of presenting your business on the Internet. The key to marketing is putting the right things in the right place. Using the best industry practises ensures success and the same principle applies when developing online services for a website.

Free Find offer a search and indexing service with How to Search to adjust the report information and how it is displayed.

Join Free Find to improve your links and the ratings of your site on search engines.

During construction of this site we used free find extensively.
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Free Find search site search engine.     Exclude Pages
Use Templates
Setup your Framed Site
How to use Robots_txt
Relevance Scoring
HTML Tag Reference
Searching Forums

Search Engine Submitter

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Visit Bravenet to learn more.

Search Engine Position Checker

Google Excite Altavista Aesop

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Site search free indexing service.

Site Level Services are another free site searching service. They provide similar services to free find in a different style. Sponsored links (3-4) are presented at the top of each search page.

Free Search Engine Submission. See how to add site search to your site here.

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