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Kids Explorer - ID: 330 Check out the fact sheets for kids. What can you see when you visit the Museum? Link to useful sites for school projects.

Marsupial Society - ID: 331 A selection of Colouring In pictures and a Fun and Games section has been included for your enjoyment.

Australia for Kids - ID: 333 Australia for Kids presented by the Australian staff of Roots & Wings and is jammed full of quality, educational material that will help you teach about Australia in an accurate and stimulating way.

Local Government Newspaper Online - ID: 335 Local Government FOCUS is a free, independent newspaper that highlights the key issues facing Local Government and promotes best practice among Councils across Australia.

Wildlife and Game - ID: 336 Tasmania has many species which have become, or are on the verge of extinction, on mainland Australia. Having fewer introduced predators and the relatively large amount of intact habitat on the island.

Australia Hotlist Page - ID: 337 The Alfy portal has chosen several sites for teachers to use while teaching a unit on Australia with great educational resources.

Sydney for Moms and Kids - ID: 339 I'm an Australian Journeywoman who thought travelling moms would be interested in this web link tip. There is a whole website in Oz dedicated to things you can do with kids in Sydney.

Southern Cross - ID: 340 Over the last ten years, Southern Cross Broadcasting has evolved into one of Australia\\\\'s strongest leading media organisations. Thanks to prudent growth projections and committed management, we now own an impressive portfolio of media companies.

Comics Australia - ID: 341 I'm sure someone out there actually reads my promo drivel about the latest comics, I'm skipping it this time. Sorry folks, being all busy bunny like you know.

Koala Comics - ID: 342 I'm still here, still working on this comic after 12 years. I suppose while people are buying and I've still got stock left over I'll have to keep pushing along.

Media Pickle - ID: 343 Media Pickle is the home of the web's funniest twisted flash cartoons all animated by creator Chris Dill, the artist for Rodney Carrington's dear penis music video.

Most Embarrassing Moments - ID: 344 Most Embarrassing Moments about dating, relationships, sex, gross body functions, office work, college campus life, student life and more.

Wog Life - ID: 345 The words you deserve it because you are Australian echo through the minds of many members of Australias multicultural community. What drove these people to display such hate, and what can we do about it?

The Bladder - ID: 346 Taking the piss out of sport. The Bladder brings you the horrible false truth of sport in the magazine, Inside Sport.

The Australian - ID: 347 Users may download and view the material or print a copy of material on this site for personal, non-commercial use provided you do not modify the copy from how it appears on this site (including any copyright notice).

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