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National Oceans Office - ID: 400 Welcome to the website of the National Oceans Office, the key organisation for implementing Australia's Oceans Policy.

Ocean Links - ID: 401 ABC Learn Online has put together an educational site in conjunction with the Community Biodiversity Network, The British Council Australia and oz-TeacherNet. Profiles top marine biodiversity areas in Australia, involves a whale-spotting log, articles, pl

Oceana - ID: 649 Oceana campaigns to protect and restore the worlds oceans. Our teams of marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates win specific and concrete policy changes to reduce pollution and to prevent the irreversible collapse of fish populations, marine

Earths Oceans - ID: 652 The oceans of Earth are unique in our Solar System. No other planet in our Solar System has liquid water (although recent finds on Mars indicate that Mars may have had some liquid water in the recent past).

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - ID: 653 Fisheries and Oceans Canada is the lead federal government department responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs in support of Canada\\\\'s economic, ecological and scientific interests in oceans and inland waters.

EPA United States - ID: 662 Estuaries, Scenes of Transition, Protecting Our Nation? Estuaries, and Keeping Our Oceans Clean and Safe.

Greenpeace - ID: 663 Our oceans are in crisis. We know more about Mars than we know about deep ocean life, yet we are destroying it with seabed trawling. Dead zones of lifelessness, fishing stocks decimated, whales hunted to extinction: is this the future of our oceans?

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