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PC authority - ID: 299 PC authority magazine for the latest news, events, software and hardware.

Metro Magazine - ID: 350 Metro produces a wide range of Study Guides for use by educators, including the latest Australian and international films.

Airborne Magazine - ID: 351 Airborne has a vast range of over 800 model aircraft plan for sale. Each month the magazine features a construction article for the latest model plan to be published.

Choice - ID: 354 The Australian Consumers Association (ACA), publisher of CHOICE magazines, website and books, is a not-for-profit organisation which has been researching and campaigning on behalf of consumers since we were founded in 1959.

Australia's climbing magazine - ID: 355 The activities covered in the Web site are dangerous. Undertaking them without proper training, experience, skill, regard for safety, and equipment could result in serious injury or death.

Silicon Chip - ID: 446 is the online version of Australia's only electronics magazine, and is primarily directed to professionals, trades people and enthusiasts in the electronics, electrical, computer and related fields.

Atomic - ID: 586 Could it be that geeks prefer to gawk at the sleek edges of a new motherboard rather than the curvaceous outlines of a booth babe?

APC - ID: 632 APC's cover CD set gives readers the opportunity to win complete software packages and other prizes.

National Geographic - ID: 650 National Geographic's net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

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