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Stopping SPAM

You should not need SPAM filters and firewalls to have a pleasant online experience. It is easy to alienate Internet users with inappropriate use of the Internet. Pop ups and SPAM drive users crazy frustrating them to the extent that many see little if any value in the Internet. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that repeatedly sending the same trash to the same people will have a negative effect but they still do it. As well as privacy issues it is illegal to send unsolicited email in Australia.

You can improve the Internet and reduce SPAM by following the simple steps below.

In some cases you receive a reply or a request for more information about the complaint and other registrars do not reply. In one instance of reporting SPAM to the registrar I managed to have 10 domains suspended. Good registrars can easily look at their domain servers to confirm an offence has occured when they are informed of the abuse.

You should not have to lock up your network, add SPAM filter and firewalls to have a pleasant online experience. It is easy to stop a spammer in their track and their army as well. To be useful they must have a link to a web site that is easily traced back to an owner and domain registrar. Just email the offenders details to the domain registrar to report the abuse and request that they suspend the account. The offender may get let off with a warning but any future complaint will soon have them access blocked to their web site.

To locate the details for the domain owner is very straight forward from any domain registrar that links to the whois database. Go Daddy offers this service when a domain search shows that the domain is sold and not available. Most spammers use sub domains like "", search for "" to locate the owner and registrar. Visit the domain registrars web site to locate the contact email address to report abuse and send them a nice email.

Always remember that it is not the domain registrar who is at fault and they will always respond appropriately to any complaint because it is in their best interests. Most will not respond with information about the action they have taken but it has always stopped the source of SPAM. The smart ones just buy a new domain and start again but is stops them for a while. When we get a global black list domain owners it would only be a matter of time before we could stop all SPAM.

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