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Colac Otway Web FAQ's

What is Colac Otway Web? Colac Otway Web is a regional web site servicing Colac, the Otway Ranges and the Great Ocean Road. The website is published from our home office located in Main Street Elliminyt. Learm moe about the Colac Otway Web, the owner and details about our online operations on the About Us page.

How do I locate a local business? The Colac Otway Web operates the most comprehensive online Trades & Services Directory for the Colac Region encompasing the Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges. You can access directory listings using the search box located at the top every page or by navigating the scroll down menu near the top of the page.

Where can I find the contact details for a local business quickly? Use the the Colac Otway Business Contacts area to locate the contact details of more than 1,000 Colac Otway Region businesses. Contact details are presented in alphabetical order and visitors can select to view all the regions contacts or those for any of the larger towns in the region.

Why does the Colac Otway Web continue to change? Colac Otway Web's content is generated dynamically so we can revise and manage the vast amount of information that is stored in our database. The information published for a particular business can be updated online by the owner to provide up to date information to potential customers.

How many pages on Colac Otway Web? The site has grown much larger than the original 30-40 page site, it is anticipated that the number could beyond 5,0000 pages by 2015. At last count the total number of pages was over 1,700.

How does Colac Otway Web assist local traders? Colac Otway Web Trades and Services Directory allows visitors to locate all of the regions online resources quickly and easily. The site services local residents, businesses, clubs and visitors to the region. Website traffic now exceeds 1000 unique visitors every month providing an excellent advertising platform where local business can reach their target audience. Learn more about advertising on the Colac Otway Web.

Why does Colac Otway Web offer resouces for free? All the tools, software, tutorials and tips that can be found in the Webmasters Resources section and/or elsewhere on the site are free because at the Colac Otway Web we believe open source software solutions are the key to the economical development of eCommerce solutions for small business.

Why does Colac Otway Web provide every business a free directory listing? We want every business in the Colac Otway region to have an Internet presence. This improves the quality of the information presented to users of the Colac Otway Web and it increases the benefits our eCommerce facility delivers for all of the Colac Otway regions traders.

How do I register my business for free? Provide all of the details required to submit the registration form and we will contact you within 48 hours to verify that you are an authorised representitive of the business. We will then complete the process so you can logon to take control of your free trade directory entry and business contact details.

Why is business registration free? We want every business in the Colac Otway region to register with us so we can ensure that the information delivered to website visitors is always up to date with relevent, correct and up to date.

Where has VicSearch and UGLii Find gone? Both of these facilities have grown in the same way the Colac Otway web has so it was better if they became stand alone websites. The new websites are VicSearch Directory and the UGLii Find spatial locator can be accessed at VicSearch Info. Users logon and registration details remain unchanged.

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