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For general website information please refer to the Colac Otway Web FAQ's page where you will locate general information for visitors to the website. If this doesn't resolve the problem or question refer back here for further assistance.

Site Navigation - the top bar of the menu allows users to access every section of the website and the pages within a section drop down when a mouse is over a link. The lower bar shows the pages in the current section and the current section is always indicated by changing the link for the current section to the same color as the lower menu bar.

Help Topics - at the bottom of the page we have a list of links to the help page associated with each section of the Colac Otway Web, links to these pages are placed in appropriate locations/pages throughout the website.

Safe Surfing - we do not collect personal information, distribute spy-ware, SPAM or malicious programs. Our strict policy is to promote safe surfing and publish material that is suitable for family members of all ages. If you find any offensive content on any of the websites we link to please contact us so we can take appropriate action.

We respect your privacy - we do NOT collect personal information or share information with 3rd parties other than the advertising material published on our public websites. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Our Business Clients - are serviced by qualified IT professionals and on the website we cater for for Internet beginners through to advanced web masters in the Webmasters Resources section. As well as providing tips and advice gained from our own experiences we include links to a full range of Internet and IT resources.

Local business, groups, clubs and charities are invited to inform us about their organisation so we can publish news news details and upcoming event notices on the Colac Otway Web. View our contact details.

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