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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is acclaimed as one of the worlds most scenic drives. Hugging the water line where the Otway Ranges plummet into the Southern Ocean along Victoria's rugged South West Coast. Officially it starts at Anglesea and finishes near Warrnambool. Commonly the section from Anglesea to Apollo Bay is called the Ocean Road and the section west of Apollo Bay to Warrnambool is referred to as the shipwreck coast.
Anglesea is a popular coastal resort with many permanent residents due to its close proximity to Geelong, Victorias largest regional city. The tarmac runs along the sandy beaches and the waters edge all the way to Apollo Bay. The long flat straights are interrupted by undulating windy sections through Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven. Continuing toward Lorne the bends increase rapidly as the road rises and falls with the lay of the land. Lorne has some of the steepest streets in Victoria with the Otway ranges rising to Angahook National Park. Lorne swing bridge over the Erskine river.
Looking down the steep cliffs near Lorne. Continuing west the road soon becomes a shelf hugging the cliff face hundreds of feet above the water twisting along the jagged coast. Small camping grounds dotted along the Great Ocean Road are generally near river mouths where the road descends sweeping inland to a bridge crossing the river before winding back 180 degrees and rising to the cliff face. Wye River has the first services past Lorne with a pub, store and the caravan park is on the beach. The road continues winding along the oceans edge for another 3 miles before reaching the 100 mile marker from Melbourne just before Kennett River. With a large caravan park and general store it is a popular holiday retreat away from it all. Leaving Kennett River the road rises again but the bends become less severe and the straights become longer approaching Skenes Creek.
This is where the Colac-Apollo Bay Road intersects with the Great Ocean Road. Skenes Creek consists of a Caravan Park on the beach, several accommodation facilities and holiday homes. The beaches are long and sandy for the last few kilometres into the fishing village of Apollo Bay. Travelling through Marengo the road leaves the coast rising into the Otway Ranges toward Lavers Hill. Winding over the mountains to traverse Cape Otway descending through Glenaire and Hourdon Vale before rising again. Still climbing the road winds to a Tee intersection at Lavers Hill. Looking back over Cape Otway and Johanna is awe inspiring from the top of the ridge. Wye River

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