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The Colac Otway region encompasses many of natures marvels from the volcanic rocks and craters country north of the Princess Hwy through the magical rainforrests of the Otway Ranges all the way to Victoria's most popular tourist attraction the Great Ocean Road. Along with pristine rain forests and the beautiful coastal retreats the Colac Otway region is home to many historical attractions dating back to Australia's pioneering era that have been preserved for tourists to enjoy like the Cape Otway lighthouse. The Great Ocean Road was originally constructed using convict labour and the dry wall stone fences built by early settlers are still standing along with many buildings built during the early settlement of Australia.

The Colac Otway Web has pages covering all of the townships in the Colac Otway region arranged in logical sections to simplify site navigation. Each page provides information about the attractions, features, services and accommodation available for visitors. All of the coastal villages and towns are covered in the Great Ocean Road section, with smaller townships scattered throughout the Otway Ranges grouped together and the section covering the Colac Region includes the city itself as well as the small communities in the foot hills of the Otway Ranges. The Travel and Tourism pages are also arranged to make it easy to locate everything the region has to offer without leaving the comfort of home.

As well as the tourism industry the Colac Otway region has many successful businesses in a diverse range of industries as well as the rural sector. The Trades & Services Directory is a comprehensive service to locate tradesman, service providers, retailers, government agencies, entertainment, community organisations and healthcare providers in the Colac Otway region. The Trades & Services Directory database services locals, tourists, holiday makers, travellers and anyone else interested in the region. With over 500 links finding quality family orientated websites with relevence to the Colac Otway region has never been quicker or easier.

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